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Company Profile



Shenzhen Qingchi Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Founded in 2005, we focus on the research and development of full-digital bi-directional DC/DC converters and their supporting products, which have been widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage power stations, microgrids, power battery production and testing, elevator energy saving and other fields.

For a long time, the company has attached great importance to the research and development of core technologies, and has walked out of a unique technical route. The bidirectional DC/DC converter developed by us, all signals are quantized into digital signals, and then with a large scale FPGA (field programmable gate array) chip as the core master controller, independent of the operating system, directly controlled by the hardware for parallel computation of multithreaded tasks, ensuring high speed and accuracy while losing flexibility, and with fast startup speed. Strong anti-interference ability, good real-time performance, stable and reliable work.

At present, the company's main products are: 5KW bidirectional DC/DC converter, 30KW bidirectional DC/DC converter, super capacitor energy storage voltage regulation system. At present, the development of the forward depth and breadth will enrich various DC/DC converter models and form a series of products.

We hope to have flexible and diverse cooperation with manufacturers in related industries to jointly meet and promote this new energy revolution.