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李克强对“华龙一号”福清核电5号机组建设工作 作出重要批示


每年7月下旬,美丽的小城Oshkosh,都会迎来超过1万多架飞机、50多万观众、800多家航空制造商,同时还会举行超过1000场丰富多彩的通用航空普及教育、论坛和商务交流活动。EAA AirVenture已成为通用航空领域的“麦加”,是业内了解国际通用航空发展现状的最佳平台。


The flying conference racket from around the world, flying enthusiasts gathered, coincides with the summer weather is hot, still could not withstand the enthusiasm of participants. Zhao Zong for watching the wonderful flight stunt at the same time, also visited many famous international aircraft and Avionics Manufacturers Exhibition, such as Textron Inc, diamond aircraft company, Derek avionics, and conducted in-depth exchanges of characteristics, types and equipment technology industry development present situation and other issues,

and further promote the study together business docking and cooperation at the end of the exhibition, visit the international cooperation business follow-up development has created a lot of opportunities, a solid foundation for the company in the field of general aviation development steadily.

自三多年前创立以来,空客一直与中东和北非(曼娜)地区保持着日益增长的伙伴关系。从第一次以一个放置在1978 A300飞机,今天近700架飞机已交付1200多架飞机已下令在该地区的航空公司。十年前,空客做出了战略决定,在迪拜机场自由区建立空中客车中东分公司。这是由于该地区航空运输业前所未有的增长,地理位置和快速发展的经济发展。

Since its creation over three decades ago, Airbus has enjoyed an ever-growing partnership with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. From the first order for an A300 aircraft placed in 1978, today nearly 700 aircraft have been delivered and more than 1,200 aircraft have been ordered by airlines in the region.Airbus has evolved into a key element of the flourishing airline industry in the MENA region with cutting-edge products and reliable services.

A decade ago, Airbus made a strategic decision to create an Airbus Middle East subsidiary based in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. This is due to the region’s unprecedented growth in air transportation sector, geographical location and fast paced economic development..

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